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[wg-e] ICANN Orientation Workshop

Dear wg-e,

As announced through icann-announce, JPNIC and ICANN will hold
the ICANN Orientation workshop for beginners tomorrow.
We hope that this would help our reaching out to many Internet users
and help them understand important ICANN activities.

We made the agenda to cover the overview of ICANN itself and 
some hot topics, i.e., domain name-related ones.  I thank
Prof. Chon for the advice on coordination.

Date: 9:00-12:00 July 13, 2000
Venue: Room 501, Pacifico Yokohama
Coordinator: Hiro Hotta
  Part 1
   1.  Welcome             Hiro Hotta
                           Mike Roberts       
   2. ICANN Overview       Andrew McLaughlin  
   3. DNSO                 Ken Stubbs         
                           Roberto Gaetano    
   4. ASO                  Takashi Arano      
   5. PSO                  John Klensin       
   6. Q&A, Discussion

  Part 2
   6. UDRP                 Jonathan Cohen     
   7. New gTLDs            
        - intorduction     Theresa Swinehart  
        - discussion &     Michael Palage,    
          comment          Josh Elliott, and
                           Theresa Swinehart
   8. Q&A, Discussion
Subject:  [icann-announce] ICANN Update: Yokohama Meetings and At Large Elections
From: icann-announce@icann.org
To: "ICANN Announcement List" <icann-announce@icann.org>
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 18:57:34 -0700
Delivery-Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 11:00:26 +0900

This update collects a number of new and noteworthy postings on the
ICANN website, including info on the ICANN Yokohama meetings, the 
At Large election process, and ICANN 2001 meeting schedule.

1.  YOKOHAMA MEETINGS (13 - 17 July, 2000)

Now less than one week away from the start of the ICANN Yokohama
meetings, there has been a lot of activity on the ICANN website:

Updated schedule and agenda information has been posted at

Newcomers (and interested old-timers) are invited to the ICANN
Orientation Workshop on 13 July (09:00-12:00).  Hosted by ICANN 
and JPNIC, the Workshop will present a comprehensive introduction 
to the ICANN process, including ICANN's technical coordination 
responsibilities, structure, supporting organizations, at large 
membership, along with some of the issues on the agenda for 

The following agenda documents have been posted for public review and

*	New Top-Level Domains

*	At Large Membership and Elections

*	ccTLD Delegation and Administration Policies

*	Definition of ICANN's Geographic Regions

*	Board Meeting Minutes and Updates

These issues are on the agenda for the ICANN Public Forum on 16 July.

Those unable to attend the Yokohama meetings in person will find webcast
and remote participation information at

ICANN is honored to acknowledge the outstanding support and assistance
of JPNIC <http://www.jpnic.net> and the ICANN Yokohama Host Committee.


If you have received your PIN letter, please remember to visit the
website at <http://www.members.icann.org> to activate your membership. 

ICANN's At Large membership pages have been translated and posted in the
following languages:

* English: <http://members.icann.org>
* Chinese: <http://members.icann.org/languages/chinese>
* Frangais: <http://members.icann.org/languages/french>
* Deutsch: <http://members.icann.org/languages/german>
* Japanese: <http://members.icann.org/languages/japanese>
* Korean: <http://members.icann.org/languages/korean>
* Portugujs: <http://members.icann.org/languages/portuguese>
* Espaqol: <http://members.icann.org/languages/spanish>

Recent membership application statistics are posted at

The currently proposed schedule for the At Large Election process is as

(a) Determination of the ballot (now - August 31)
  (i) Nominations by the Nominating Committee (now - July 31)
  (ii) Member-nomination process (August 1 - August 31)
(b) Voter education/dialogue phase (September 1 - September 30)
(c) Online vote (October 1 - October 10)

(This schedule runs approximately 10 days later than what had previously
been posted.)

The Nominating Committee is seeking recommendations and expressions of
interest <http://www.icann.org/nomcom> from potential candidates for 
the At Large seats on the ICANN Board.

The Election Committee has posted a number of proposals for the election
process, including rules for member-nomination, voter education and
dialogue, and monitoring and oversight <http://www.icann.org/elcom>.


The ICANN meeting schedule for 2001 has been tentatively set:

March 2001       South Asia/Pacific (possibly Australia)
June 2001        Europe
September 2001   Latin America/Caribbean
November 2001    United States (West Coast), or Canada

A call for local host proposals with detailed requirements has been
posted at <http://www.icann.org/general/meeting-spec.htm>.  For 
the March 2001 meeting, the deadline for proposals is July 31, 2000.