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[wg-c] 50 grand to enter the pagent

Oki all (about 148 people are still subscribed to wg-c & wg-c-digest),
Had WG-C actually not screwed up on the question of proposal evaluations,
and set aside the drooling and raving for a few weeks last March, the bid
to entry fee might today be something on the order of a few days of a few
reasonable people's time at their pro-bono-to-guaranteed-available rates.

I know ICANN needs a revenue stream, but I'd like $50,000 worth of work
performed by the proposal evaluators so the proposants get something out
of the exercise. In a perfect world, my group would come up with the fee
(how is an exercise left to the imaginative reader) and deposit it with
ISC to transform "desire" (plus cash) into "capability". In an imperfect
world, we send our fee, and recieve a form letter in time for Christmas,
and not be any the wiser for the exercise, nor have a clue as to how the
money was actually spent.

Details at http://www.icann.org/minutes/prelim-report-16jul00.htm,