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Re: [wg-c] WG-C report -- final version

My vote on this final version of the report is


1)  I don't see the use in calling certain ccTLDs gTLDs since the sovereign
powers over such redesignated ccTLDs could always intervene to remove their
commodified gTLDness. In such cases, I would refer to leased or open ccTLDs.  I
think one benefit of having gTLDs on the Internet is to constitute a structure
that is not subject to the arbitrary content controls over DNS strings and
eligibility requirements that may be imposed (and reimposed) by national

2)  I would have hope to see wording implying the evaluation period would be
followed by the addition of new gTLDs barring unresolvable problems noted during
the evaluation period, but that section of Jon's report was evidently hard
fought and I saw no sense in reopening it.

Hang in there, Jon.

Craig Simon