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Re: [wg-c] WG-C report -- final version

> 	Here is the "frozen" version of the WG-C report, taking into account
> additional comments received.  Because this comes a few hours later than
> promised, I propose that we extend the voting period to 3 a.m. UTC (10
> p.m. US EST) on Monday night / Tuesday morning.  All votes *must* be in
> before then, so that I can pass the report onto the Names Council.  So far,
> I count Petter Rindforth and Anthony Lupo as voting no on the report, and
> Justin McCarthy as voting yes.  Please let me know if you have atttempted
> to vote on the report but aren't on that list (or if you are on that list
> but don't consider yourself to have voted).  Majority vote prevails, as set
> out in <http://www.dnso.org/wgroups/wg-c/Arc01/msg00877.html>.
> 	Thanks to all.

I agree that this is a valid (though rather pathetic due to the lack of
progress) report. Count me in (regretfully) as a yes vote.

Yours, John Broomfield.