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RE: [wg-b] Re: [wg-c] telephone numbers in domain names.

At 09:26 24/11/2000 -0500, Judith Oppenheimer wrote:
>Actually, I did have a problem with the business model re its policy plans:
>         "iTAB seeks authority from ICANN ... over the core policies that 
> define
>the utilization of ".tel" as a shared resource for bridging the addressing
>gap between legacy telephone numbers and emerging standards of the
>Internet-Telephony industry."
>         "Following the current practice with all Internet top-level 
> domains, the
>registration of E.164 numbers in the DLS will be managed by a single
>trusted "Registry". It is assumed that this exclusive Registry function
>will fall under the regulatory control of ICANN."

I had problems with this plan too, but perhaps in a different sense than you.

I believe that letting customers claim rights to a number in e164.com when 
they have lost all rights to the same number in the real telephone number 
space will lead to much confusion and no gain.
The telephone number space is the reality, and all spaces that mirror it, 
whether e164.com or e164.arpa, are its shadows (to misuse Platon's imagery).
Having shadows that linger when the reality is gone benefits nobody.

But I believe Pulver knows what it's getting into, and its failure to 
maintain its shadows properly in e164.com will be a matter between them and 
their customers, not a problem for the Internet as a whole.
Therefore, I may be concerned, but not worried.

IMHO, of course.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, alvestrand@cisco.com
+47 41 44 29 94
Personal email: Harald@Alvestrand.no