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[wg-b] Leonardo et al

hello again to the defunct wg-b.


This lawsuit is old--filed December 20, 1999 but it slipped my radar until
now. I believe in the rights of mark holders in accordance with the Paris
Convention, Trips, yadada yadada. But here's one more example of a mark
holder engaging in outrageous behavior that winds up giving all mark holders
a black eye. Just as there are all kinds of individuals, there are all kinds
of corporations. The famous mark holders with whom I have been involved have
been ethical and, in my estimation, fair in their dealings with infringement
cases.  All mark holders should not be lumped in with the storm trooper
types who went after Pokey.com, etoys, and Leonardo.

Aside: As for frequent assumption that mark holders are given preferential
treatment, when Adobe was hacked they couldn't even get anyone from NSI on
the phone.

"According to Rutter, Adobe worked with Network Solutions and Paycenter to
correct the domain record after it noticed the problems early Wednesday
morning. "The biggest issue is that communication with NSI is well nigh
impossible. You end up in voicemail boxes," said Rutter."


One last thing, different subject. If you allow someone like Joe Baptista to
intimidate legitimate participants in a discussion, that is giving him
preferential treatment and discriminating against those people who behave in
a civil manner. I hope Karl will try hard to see both sides of every
argument in his role as board member.