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Re: [wg-b] Japanese Sunrise Program

> >A question I've thought about alot over the past few months is whether the
> >Internet lends itself to serious debate about deeply felt issues or held
> >beliefs.

Not as long as un-named parties are threatening to wreck havoc on the
registrar databases.  Probably not.  On technical management issues, yes, it
does that quite well.

> > The social customs and practices that foster civil behavior
> >in face-to-face communication are lacking in on-line communications.

Agreed.  If Rohn Industries had been around to actually speak with Rohn Price
when they tried to take away his rohn.com domain name, which he uses for a
religious website, they probably wouldn't have acted the way they did.  It's
funny, though, that they immediately capitulated when faced with a complaint
for defamation and fraud.  Somehow they acted much more civilly when it was
on paper.  Still waiting for them to pay the bill, though...