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Re: [wg-b] Japanese Sunrise Program

Michael Palage wrote:

>Dear (former) WG-B Members:
>I think this article shows that despite all the criticisms about the Sunrise
>Program it was the best solution available.

Best for whom, Michael?

While I appreciate your effort to bring diverse perspectives into WGB, if
working groups are ever formed again in the DNSO, I will request that the
Chairs be position-neutral. A chair must be a taskmaster, but not an

I am deeply disappointed with your trademark bias in the WBG process. Why
should trademark owners deserve preferential bias in a system where there
are multiple other uses, and even multilingual meanings, for the same names
or words.  Now, if the proposal had been limited to fanciful words, we
might have had a more interesting discussion of the merits of such a

As it is, Sunrise means kiss goodbye to most of the words in the
dictionary, which had common meanings before they became trademarks.  For
about 90 examples off the top of my head, see

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