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RE: [wg-b] Final Report

Roeland J. Meyer wrote:

>Since the sunrise proposal was never fully debated in this forum, I move
>to strike any mention of the sunrise propsal, in this WG-B report. It is
>not a product of WG-B, as a group. The IPC effort, is a separate effort.
>While many of the WG-B are also part of the IPC, the sunrise propsal was
>not originated here, nor was it formally introduced here, nor was it
>officially discussed here. Therefore, I do not condone attaching a WG-B
>signature to the sunrise proposal. I submit that were it to have been
>introduced here that it would not have survived in its present,
>extremely flawed, form (which may be exactly why it wasn't introduced).

Yeah, what he said ^  .  I concur.

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