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Re: [wg-b] 1996 INTA Report

The old link doesn't work, but several paragraphs of the text are quoted on
p. 471 of The Domain Name Handbook (you DO have a copy, right?).

"InterNIC and other NICs are fundamentally unsuited to play a judicial
role, particularly since domain name/trademark disputes are highly
contextual in nature and require a close examination of the facts and
equities of each case in order to reach a fair result.  No amount of
tweaking the current dispute policy will remedy this."

and more....

Internet Subcommittee of INTA, "Proposed Domain name Registry Poilicy"
formerly at http://plaza.interport.net/inta/intaprop,htm

John Berryhill wrote:

>I just noticed an interesting comment elsewhere to the effect that INTA
>had once published a report critical of the old NSI dispute
>resolution policy, and that in the INTA report there was a recommendation
>that there be *no* such policy because legal matters are
>best resolved by legal processes.
>Does anyone have a link to this now-discredited notion (by the IPC at
>least) of using the law to enforce one's rights?

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