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Re: [wg-b] RE: opportunity to pre-empt, or license to infringe?

From: Hartman, Steve <HartmanS@nabisco.com>

> At last year's annual meeting of the International Trademark Association,
> stated that the Internet is a unique phenomenon:

Congratulations.  Some of the participants here have been contributing more
than words to the actual development of technology.

> or tomorrow, but in 10 years, maybe 25. One can glibly say that free
> is paramount, but to most people in the world, and to their governments, a
> decent standard of living takes precedence.

My objections to the sunrise proposal have nothing to do with "free speech".
And the connection between not allowing African-Americans to use the term
"oreo" in the vernacular sense, and the standard of living in the world,
utterly escapes me.

> Commercial interests and other trademark owners will inevitably play a
> role in the growth and economic development of the Internet. Those who do
> not accept that fact and are unwilling to cooperate in that development,
> will have little influence in maintaining the character of Internet I
> described above.

What do either of those statements have to do with the sunrise proposal?