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Re: [wg-b] RE: opportunity to pre-empt, or license to infringe?

----- ?

> I agree with Steve's comments.  If someone is speculating in the
> of others, versus speculating in names not yet registered, or trademarked,
> the trademark holder has no choice but to protect their brand.  We can't
> merely sit by and allow infringements to occur.

I see.  And exactly whose trademark was being infringed when William
Hatfield, who had registered hatfield.com for his own personal email use,
and didn't even have a web page, was dragged into court by Hatfield Quality
Meats for trademark infringement?

>Mechanisms which can
> prevent litigation should be viewed positively, since the need to engage
> litigation will only delay e-commerce, add in unnecessary costs, and
> benefits no one.

Ah, yes, it will be a much better world when people like Mr. Hatfield are
simply out of the picture.