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Re: [wg-b] RE: opportunity to pre-empt, or license to infringe?

>In my judgment speculation in the trademarks of others unnecessarily drives
>up the cost of doing business on the Internet and reduces the efficiency of
>the Internet, with no countervailing benefits.
>A sunrise provision has the potential of appreciably reducing the number of
>cybersquatting opportunities and, in so doing, reducing the amount of
>cybersquatter-related litigation.

"Cybersquatter related litigation" is a decreasing percentage of total
>On balance, this benefits of the sunrise provision outweigh free speech and
>hoarding concerns.

I'm sorry, Mr. Hartman, but mere convenience of trademark owners in
achieving prior restraint against non infringing uses of trademarked
phrases will NEVER outweigh free speech.  Current laws already protect
against true infringement.  This power grab on the part of special
interests is transparent, greedy, and overwhelmingly prejudicial towards
individuals, non commercial entities,  and small businesses.

Mikki Barry					Internet Policy Consultants
Attorney					http://www.netpolicy.com