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Re: [wg-b] WG-B Report

 So to whom do we send our comments now?  >>

Absoutely everyone should send their comments to the Names Council in the 
current round of public comment, open until May 10 and prominently posted on 
the DNSO.ORG website.  If you agree with the two points labeled consensus 
(including the one that WG-B did not support a WIPO Famous Marks List), then 
please say so.  

If you agree or disagree with the proposal of the Sunrise Proposal (which was 
not labeled consensus), please let us know.  I will try to see that the NC 
takes a step which it has not yet done -- that it writes a report summarizing 
the comments to the NC.  

It is then my understand that iCANN staff will decide which aspects of the 
WG-B report to adopt, and then proceed to its own public comment period.

public comment is now the critical  path, kathy kleiman