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Re: [wg-b] WG-B Report

To WG-B: 
The WG-B Report is now on public notice.  [See the DNSO website and follow 
links to the ICANN public notice.]  The ICANN Staff and initially the Names 
Council wanted to move forward without the WG-B Report, and without taking 
full account of the critical comments we all will be submitting about it over 
the next two weeks.

Philip and I were able to slow things down a bit.  We worked extremely hard 
to change the resolution of the Names Council to reflect the Formal WG-B, 
just submitted, its consensus points which balance IP and Noncommercial 
Rights, and the need for full and fair attention to the upcoming comments.  
We were not fully successful, but we did make major changes. 

The ball is now in YOUR court.  ICANN Staff is moving forward, but a strong, 
clear message must (by reasons of clear and transparent procedure) be heard.  
The more people who band together to write comments about the WG-B report, 
who propose both criticism and constructive comments, and who help with 
writing definitions (such as defining commercial and noncommercial gTLDs), 
the more likely it is our voice will be heard by those who are drafting the 
final version of the policies.  

Kathryn Kleiman

>  In response to Judith: It was the sense of the board and NC that public
>  discussion should not be delayed by the process. The report I would hope
>  will be posted as delivered and not re-ordered. (There are those who might
>  feel such a re-ordering of annexes amounted to tampering by the NC). The
>  report already contains a clear disclaimer about the sunrise proposal.
>  Philip