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RE: [wg-b] Protections for Noncommercial gTLDs.

Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Confidential communication

Mr Mueller said:

>Uhhh, Mr. Rothnie, if they don't type the name of the TLD in properly they
>won't go to the site. In that respect all users do and must care what TLD
>attached to the brand.

>As new TLDs are introduced, more users will get used to this idea.

but how many browsers come across brandname.net and decide not to go there
because they understand that brandname.net is just an ISP or other "network
related" activity and not a commercial enterprise which would only ever be
registered in .com?

and, while we're at it, how many businesses which have a .com registration
will not try to register in .web if that became available to identify
someone offering products or services over/via the internet ?

Warwick A Rothnie
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