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[wg-b] Revised IPC Proposal

I have been provided by the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) the
following revised proposal. This proposal is based upon the "Sunrise"
principles originally set forth in my personal position paper submitted to
the group during the submission paper period, and then later revised by the
registrars during the Cairo meetings. The principles of the Sunrise proposal
were also reported in my Status Report submitted to the Name Council after
Cairo and in the SBA roundtable discussion this week in which all WG-B were
invited to participate.

I believe that the continued efforts of the IPC and the Registrars, along
with valuable input from other constituencies and individuals, represent a
significant step forward in the consensus process. Due to the late breaking
nature of these events, I will disclose in my report that the latest IPC
proposal was not able to have adequate discussion on the list.

To date, I have received opinion letters from Ellen Rony, Mark Lanston and
the SBA Office of Advocacy that will be incorporated into the WG-B Report as
attachments. As previously stated, only those opinions submitted to be as a
separate attachment will be included. I do not have time to cut and past
comments/opinions from individual email. The deadline for the report is
April 15th.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage