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[wg-b] On-line forum of SBA Roundtable

Title: On-line forum of SBA Roundtable

I have just double-checked our Web page for the Internet audio broadcast, and the links are posted.  The audio will be active when the roundtable begins at 2 p.m.  Again, the link is http://www.sba.gov/advo/is_dom.html.  Just follow the link to the audio broadcast page.

You must use Microsoft's Media Player to access the file.  Real Audio will not work. 

If you intend on participating in the on-line forum, please follow the same link to the audio broadcast page.  There is a separate link to the "Forum Area".  SBA's forums is powered by eShare Expressions 4.0.   After you click on the "Forum Area link," you will need to follow these three steps to participate.

1.      You must register as a user before you can post to the forum.
2.      Then choose "forums" from the link at the bottom of the new window that pops up.
3.      Then choose "Domain Name Forum".

You can then contribute to the forum by posting new comments or by replying to other threads. 


Eric Menge
Office of Advocacy
U.S. Small Business Administration
(202) 205-6949; eric.menge@sba.gov