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RE: [wg-b] me thinks thou dost protect too much ...

Peter, that tm owners consider perceived offences against their marks as
equally serious to pedestrians' bodily harm or death, would not surprise me

But the accurate analogy would be the trademark owners' propensity to
hit-and-run, and to 'drive [the process] drunk (on their own illusions of
supremacy over "pedestrians" ...)


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Not to put too fine a point on it: Probably fewer than a fraction of 1% of
all pedestrians get run over by cars in any given year. Nevertheless, when
it does happen, it's pretty serious.

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Subject: [wg-b] me thinks thou dost protect too much ... Author:
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According to this at http://nsol.com/statistics/fun/fun.html, fewer than 1%
of domain name registrants purchase "cybersquatter"-level volumes of domain

And we know that many of those in that fewer-than-1% category, are
themselves trademark-owning large corporations.

Which means the career "cybersquatter" element so hysterically denounced by
tm-ers is merely a fraction of that fewer-than-1% of people purchasing
domain names.

Ergo, is the tm lobby not getting far too much policy attention and
preference, relative to this truly insignificant degree of potential

How Many Domain Names
Do People Register?