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Re: [wg-b] famous names

At 16:07 28-03-2000 +0200, Philip Sheppard wrote:
>However, list or no list, the issue of trademarks and charter gTLDs is of
>more interest. Linking trademarks to charters is an on-line parallel to how
>trademarks operate in the real world. TMs have classes of goods which allow
>co-existence. Lotus for software and Lotus for cars are happy in the
>off-line world. Thus Lotus.auto and Lotus.software should co-exist happily
>on-line from different owners.

Dear Phil:  Would it be true that Lotus is *not* a Famous Mark, then?

When we went to Geneva in April/May of 1997 to the IAHC meeting, we learned 
of a Microsoft mark in Switzerland from, perhaps, 1870 or 1880.  It is for 
eiderdown comforters.  I'm not sure I got the story all right or not.