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RE: [wg-b] WG-B Deadline

At 06:36 28-03-2000 +0930, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
>Are they also discussing asking the .US registrar to delegate .union.us?
>This is something that can be accomplished totally outside of the ICANN 
>TLD process, I think, and would provide us with the ability to test the 
>assumptions of an .union TLD (for instance, that "nike.union.us" is not 
>going to be challenged by Nike as misuse of trademark) that the arguments 
>for .union depend on.

Dear Harald:

I've trimmed the growing list attached to your message.  I was not sure 
whether you were on the wg-b list, so you'll receive two copies of this 

I'd extend your proposal to provide "nike.union.or.us" for their Oregon 

Regards, BobC, who thinks that with a CEO who thinks getting a Silver Medal 
at the Olympics is losing, Nike may need a union;-}