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Re: [wg-b] Creation of Famous List

On Sun, Mar 26, 2000 at 06:46:35PM -0800, Roeland M. J. Meyer wrote:
> I tend to agree, kudos to Michael Palage. However, I have been aware of the
> move to off-list discussion. I didn't like it and, even on invititation,
> declined to participate. For one, I don't have the time ro follow a
> fragmented discourse in multiple threads, especially one where I have to
> setup another 20 filters to handle. This list is the official instrument and
> I would wish that it be used as such.

I had suspected from the significant lack of discussion on this list that
substantive work was occurring "behind the scenes."  This verifies it.

If any decisions have been made, documents produced, or conclusions 
reached without the opportunity for input from ALL interested 
participants, and without the production of a record that is provided
by discussion on this list, then I protest in the strongest possible
terms.  This violates the spirit and the very purpose of the working
groups, and destroys even the illusion of openness and inclusion.

With this confirmation that significant work has occurred behind the
backs of those of us who joined this working group in good faith, any
claim of consensus made in any document handed to any body is rendered
highly suspect.

Consider this a formal complaint.  This is also being sent to the
Secretariat of the DNSO Names Council and Mike Roberts.  I request 
this matter be investigated and appropriate action taken.

> The issue is to not make new law. This would tend to support the prime facie
> conclusion that our work is done and perforce, inconclusive. Here is a
> Registry strategy that will probably be used;
> 1) Allow any and all registrations.
> 2) When two entities collide in law, point them to the nearest court of
> comptetent jurisdiction.
> 3) Await results and follow court orders exactly, meanwhile ... business as
> usual.

I stand in support of Roeland in this, and with Mikki Barry's sentiments
regarding concerns over this group's product.  Please include them 
as comments regarding the current WG-B report, along with mine as noted
in this mailing.

Mark C. Langston
Systems & Network Admin
San Jose, CA