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RE: [wg-b] WG-B Deadline

At 19:18 24-03-2000 -0500, Mikki Barry wrote:
>I meant no offense, Bob, but the fact is that many registrars have 
>business considerations that are first and foremost in their minds. While 
>they obviously wish to protect their customers (hence make for more 
>customers....) free speech issues are not in the forefront of their 
>philosophy.  We need additional safeguards in place.

Dear Mikki:

Registrars are strictly warned not to take any steps to intervene in the 
registration process.  If we were to note the appropriation of a famous 
trademark by a cybersquattier and refuse to registrar it, we could expose 
ourselves badly.

If we did it for one famous mark and inadvertently overlooked it in another 
case, the second party could make us a party to a lawsuit.

Perhaps you are confusing registrars for ISPs and other service providers, 
especially web hosting firms.  They too take great risks if they edit postings.

Wasn't there a big suit against Compuserve for editing the content of an 
open conference?

Regards, BobC

P.S.  I usually omit the email address of the person to whom I'm writing to 
keep him/her from getting duplicate messages.  However, I've worried that 
Michael Palage has missed some of my postings where I've omitted his 
personal Email address, expecting him to read the "List" copy.