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Re: [wg-b] Common Ground

The relationship between working groups b and c is so close that I do not 
think you can draw a bright line.  The proposed principles offer a way from 
the trademark/noncommercial perspective to create a greater clarity in the 
gTLDs that will help those looking for famous marks and other 
names/titles/organizations/individuals as well.  I think the Principles can 
act as an overlay to the business models and roll-out plans being developed 
in WG-C.  

Kathy Kleiman 

>  I agree with some of the principles and disagree with others. But I think 
>  inappropriate to spend much time discussing them in this WG, which is
>  devoted to famous marks. In general, your principles seem to imply that
>  ICANN should develop a fixed categorization scheme for new TLDs. It also
>  seems to imply that strict central regulation should be imposed on the
>  registration within TLDs to ensure they registrations conform to the
>  categorization scheme. I find it necessary to note that similar ideas have
>  been advanced in WG-C by one or two people, but they have received very
>  little support within the group, and there was virtually no support for
>  those ideas in the public comments.