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Re: [wg-b] Common Ground

Thanks for your  comments and support on the gTLD principles.

In answer to your specific questions:
<6. Simplicity - a gTLD should not impose an overly bureaucratic procedure
a registry.
 <Response: This seems to an area of differentiation.  Some gTLD's may want
to be bureaucratic (similar to some cctld's today).

On Simplicity - I agree some registries may want to be bureaucratic - the
key word in the principle is "impose". The registry remains free to choose.

Thanks also for the suggested additions. I agree with the idea but I think
they are more a set of rules for registries - and so different to
characteristics set by principles for gTLDs themselves.

Now, that you draw my attention to this, it is possible that principle 6 is
also more a rule than a characteristic and perhaps should be deleted. It was
added originally at the suggestion of a registry-minded individual who sort
reassurance that the principles were not building up a set of complex rules.
It remains the right sentiment but the intent of the principles is NOT to be