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Re: [wg-b] newyorkyankees.com suit

Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Schwimmer.

This is a very good example of a lawsuit that would never have happened if
there had been a "Sunrise Period" for .com -- much like what Mike Palage is
suggesting in his most recent position paper concerning rolling out of new

If the NY Yankees had had a 90-day period before the gTLD was open to the
public to claim domain names it felt was rightfully its property and
trademark, then the Yankees would never would have had to file this suit
because they would have already registered it. And if by chance, the
Yankees didn't claim this name during the "sunrise period," the current
owner of this name would not be facing a suit because the Yankees would
have no legal authority to claim it.

A fantastic reason to adopt the "sunrise provision." Give them all a chance
to claim their trademarks and protected names and then open it to the
public where all the remaining names are fair game.


Jeff Shrewsbury
Info Avenue

"At 03:18 PM 12/29/99 -0500, Martin B Schwimmer wrote:
>The registrant may in fact be a Mets fan.
>NEW YORK YANKEES would be an example of a unique famous mark.
>@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @