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[wg-b] Admin Issues

Administrative update. As you may be aware, there is a vacancy for the Names
Counsel Liaison Co-Chair for Working Group B. Jonathan Cohen originally held
this position, but had to step down upon his election to the ICANN board.
The Names Counsel addressed this issue in their meeting last week and listed
below is the agreed upon proposal.


It is proposed that the previous role of NC co-chair to WG B should be
abolished and be replaced by the following structure. A Names Council
facilitator from the Business Constituency (Philip Sheppard) and a Names
Council facilitator from the Non-commercial Constituency (Kathy Kleiman).
These two facilitators would function in conjunction with the elected Chair
(Michael Palage) until Working Group B's mandate has been accomplished.

The role of the two facilitators will be three fold:
1. To provide liaison between Working Group B and the Names Council,
reporting regularly to the NC on progress, reminding the WG of deadlines and
proposing to the Names Council when deadlines should be extended.
2. To act as an alternate chair in the absence of the elected chair.
3. To revisit the mission of the working group, and subsequently steer
discussion to incrementally seek areas of common ground based on joint
proposals from the two NC facilitators."

I have given my initial approval to this new structure. Any feedback?

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage