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Re: [wg-b] RE: [wg-c] IAB Technical Comment on the Unique DNS Root

At 20:07 17.12.99 -0800, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>Hello John,
>I don't have the time for the detail right now, but you're wrong again.
>The short answer is that one root can refer to another root. It all depends
>on who is referenced first. the basic technology is to treat the other root
>as one would treat a TLD server.

As the IAB paper says, the addition of information in private use spaces 
(as long as it does not conflict with what is in the core space) is often 
done, in what's called "split horizon DNS", mostly used by private networks.

Quote, paragraph 3 of the IAB comment:

>This does not preclude private networks from operating their own private
>name spaces, but if they wish to make use of names uniquely defined for
>the global Internet, they have to fetch that information from the global
>DNS naming hierarchy, and in particular from the coordinated root servers
>of the global DNS naming hierarchy.

If MHSC adds a domain to their "roots", and another competitor adds a 
domain to their "root" with the same name but different content, the result 
is architecturally unsound - or to put it another way: It does not work.

>I am preparing a counter to Brian's paper wherein I will go into details.

(I'm an IAB member, in case anyone didn't notice. It's the IAB's paper.)

(Just in case anyone didn't know - IAB is the Internet Architecture Board, 
part of the management structure of the Internet Engineering Task Force - IETF)

                          Harald A

PS: I've deleted WG-C from the CC list, since I'm not a member, and I 
suspect that the listservers are configured to only let members post - 
that's the reason I can see for not having seen the message Roeland was 
replying to.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway