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Re: [wg-b] WIPO Committee of Experts

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From: Philip Sheppard <philip.sheppard@aim.be>
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Sent: 17 December 1999 10:14
Subject: Re: [wg-b] WIPO Committee of Experts
> The joint recommendation itself is available at the WIPO SCT site (as
> information for its subsequent meeting)  in Word or PDF at:
> http://www.wipo.org/eng/document/sct/index_3.htm

The text referring to domain names specifically is in Article 6:

Article 6
Conflicting Domain Names
(1) [Conflicting Domain Names] A domain name shall be deemed to be in
with a well-known mark at least where that domain name, or an essential part
constitutes a reproduction, an imitation, a translation, or a
transliteration of the well-known
mark, and the domain name has been registered or used in bad faith.
(2) [Cancellation; Transfer] The owner of a well-known mark shall be
entitled to
request, by a decision of the competent authority, that the registrant of
the conflicting domain
name cancel the registration, or transfer it to the owner of the well-known