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RE: [wg-b] How would .fame work?

It seems to me that the FAME scheme might be better implemented in an LDAP
or WHOIS service. I see the net effect of FAME being a rapid and universal
lookup capability that advertises which marks are famous. IMHO, this is a
borderline mis-use of the DNS. In addition, the DNS itself doesn't give
anough information about the mark holder. What I'm saying here is that there
are technical implementaion issues with this scheme.

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> At 10:29 16.12.99 +0100, Mark Measday wrote:
> >I don't think the Higgs paper covered (i) the costs of monitoring the
> >exclusions in other tlds and (ii) fitting the classes of
> famous, well-known
> >and national marks into other tlds. The costs of getting
> .com holders to
> >switch to .fame (or something better) are enormous, unless it is some
> >technical fix mandated by the TM fraternity. What comments
> could be made on
> >this now?
> repeat until bored:
> The listing in .fame is ADDITIONAL to listing in .com
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