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Re: [wg-b] Reality checks [the grateful dead(hits)]

Steve Hartman wrote:

> I am not sure of the point you are making. Obviously, if oreo.com is
> excluded, then so should oreos.com and other non-material variants.

Something to give you pause:

"Oreo dories, of which there are five recorded species around New Zealand, are
deepwater relatives of the true dories. The New Zealand fishery is based on
the black oreo, so far known only in New Zealand, and the smooth oreo."

Something else:
Do you really want to step on this guy?

Something else:
Figure 1. An OreO as part of the HTTP stream
We refer to our HTTP transducers as OreOs (with appropriate apologies to the
cookie makers), because the transducer is structured with one `wafer' to
handle browser-side communication, another `wafer' to handle server-side
communication, and a functional `filling' in the middle. As illustrated below in
2, the OreOs take advantage of the HTTP proxy mechanism, essentially appearing
as a server to the client side and as a client to the server side. Because the
full URL is delivered intact to the OreO, the filling can use the scheme,
server, server-relative URL, or request data in its processing.