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[wg-b] Re: [ga] America's Cup - ICANN Helps to serve SCROOGE For Xmas...:(

Not satisfied with pursuing Yachting enthousiasts' web sites for
unauthorised images of the Cup, AC2000, the guardian of the  trademark has
now seen fit to force a City Mission charity fund raising drive to destroy
NZ $5000 worth of posters because they carried the words America's Cup.

The Methodist Mission, specialized in offering services to the homeless and
low-income people in central Auckland, used the words on one of its posters
to be used for a pre-Christmas fundraising drive.
From today's NZ Herald:

"It [the poster] shows a group tucking in to one of the 30.000 midday meals
served in the past year at the mission's Queen Street headquarters.
In the foreground, a diner holds up a cheap mug emblazoned with the
american flag.
"The America's Cup?" the legend asks pointedly, while the small print below
outlines the "greater challlenge" of city poverty "which few people dare to
The regatta organizer, AC2000, forbade the use of the words and $5000 worth
of posters had to be destroyed.
The executive director of AC2000, Alan Sefton, said the organization was
the trustee of the Americas Cup, charged with protecting the marks--the
cup's image and name-- on behalf of "the Americas Cup community worldwide"
and it was not possible to make exceptions for non-profit organizations."

--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
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