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Re: [wg-b] Reality checks [the grateful dead(hits)]

[I apologize for the possible mail duplication, but SprintLink has not
resolved their problems with the backbone router I sit behind, and I
cannot get any packets through to any dnso.org system.  Perhaps someone
will be kind enough to forward it to the list.  I would ask M. Palage,
but he did not forward my last message, sent yesterday, so I cannot
rely on him.]

On 14 December 1999, "Hartman, Steve" <HartmanS@Nabisco.com> wrote:

>I believe it is reasonable to exclude those domain names that contain the
>string "oreo," the string is not part of another word (eg, choreography) and
>the domain name does not immediately and directly communicate a clear
>message. On that basis, I would exclude all of the domain names listed
>below. None of the domain names cited, in my view, have a communicative
>value greater than the potential for confusion or mistake or misuse. I do
>not accept the slippery slope argument. That does not mean that there are
>domain names that are "hard cases, " but they can and should be handled on
>an individual basis, probably by the courts, precisely because they are
>close cases that require careful balancing of rights.
>Steve Hartman
>Nabisco, Inc.

What about ore-os (ORE Operating System)?  Nabis-co (Nabi's Company)?
What about soero?  ocsiban?  What about no-oreos?  No-nabisco?
What about oero (oreo backwards)?

In all of these cases, it's not the name that matters, it's not the
particular string of letters in the label.  It's the content provided

A funny thing:  You're all assuming that domain names serve one and
only one purpose:  To uniquely identify a website.  What if I registered
oero.com (Open Ended Research Organization), and only used it for 
e-mail?  No website, no nothing.  What if it's only a secondary DNS
server?  What then?  on what is the "content" judgment based?  Will
you still argue that these names are misleading?

Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA