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Re: [wg-b] Learning To Tune Out Distractions In An Open Room

At 1:44 AM -0500 12/14/99, Milton Mueller wrote:
>I have deleted the cc: to ICANN Board and staff members. The DNSO is supposed
>to make its own policy recommendations. The purpose of working groups is to
>allow the different factions to work out their differences on a smaller scale.
>The modus operandi is supposed to be consensual rather than adversarial. I can
>think of no better way for this WG to be "tuned out" as a distraction than to
>continue broadcasting its disagreements, like quarreling children appealing to
>parental figures.

Thank you for your response, Milton.  I read the first few lines of 
Mr. Schwimmer's response and laughed so hard that I could hardly read 
the rest.  Imagine the little non commercial constituency, one little 
voice vs. 6 huge business groups being compared to Stalin?

By the way, speaking of little voices, DNRC is expected to contribute 
900.00 to the Intellectual Property Constituency to keep its tiny 
little voice of dissenting opinion.  Stalinesque indeed.