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Re: [wg-b] RESPONSE to submission from noncommercial community


mark@bitshift.org wrote:

> On 10 December 1999, "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard@aim.be> wrote:
> >Our task is to think of the consumer-friendly world of the future which
> >simultaneously allows the car-buying user to find VW and not be irritated
> >that it is instead Virtual Works and allows Virtual Works, if they choose
> >for legitimate consumer marketing reasons to be known as VW, to not be
> >confused with VW cars.
> >
> Is this the same "consumer-friendly world" in which the consumer is
> a completely passive revenue-generating entity, guided through the
> turgid waters of evil cyberspace by the benevolent corporations?
> No, thanks.  As a consumer, I'd much rather retain some control over
> the Internet.  You see, I'd prefer you not turn the Internet into the
> next television.  I'm not here to give you my money; I'm here because
> the Internet is about communication, not commercialization.  Every time
> you take a step towards the latter, those you believe to be passive
> marks will shove back towards the former.
> The Internet isn't the sole purview of corporations.  However, many
> are now acting as though they've had something taken from them, when
> in reality they never had it to begin with.
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