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Re: [wg-b] RESPONSE to submission from noncommercial community

My "complaint" about Hasbro (versus what - your "observation" about 'the absence
of the word 'consumer'?) alludes specifically to a company's abhorant behavior -
attempting to steal a domain name - that is not atypical of trademark owners not
only in the domain name arena, but 800 numbers as well.

This is not an issue of "undifferentiated monopoly of .com..."

It's an issue of unscrupulous behavior by trademark owners, who are now using
WG-B to both further, and legitimize, that behavior.  (I was originally asked to
join this group because entities of a certain 'expertise', were claiming that
the FCC had blessed trademark privilege with 888 replication - when in fact the
opposite is true, down to the wording of the FCC ruling.)

BTW, over in WG-C, the same trademark interests are blanching over the prospect
of new gTLD's.  Regardless what follows the infamous dot, they want carte
blanche over what precedes it.


Philip Sheppard wrote:

> Judith Oppenheimer complains about my reminder of consumer protection by
> citing well-known trademark owners who are trying to get what they believe
> should be "their" domain. This situation is history created by the
> undifferentiated monopoly of .com along with .net and .org. The situation is
> an ugly, consumer-hostile mess and I want none of it.
> Our task is to think of the consumer-friendly world of the future which
> simultaneously allows the car-buying user to find VW and not be irritated
> that it is instead Virtual Works and allows Virtual Works, if they choose
> for legitimate consumer marketing reasons to be known as VW, to not be
> confused with VW cars.
> Mikki Barry wants to defend the right of free speech by Internet users who
> want to complain about a famous name.  Great, over to WG C, lets have
> .grudge. Or .consumer watch - lets have this useful function of the Internet
> in an honest and open way.

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