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[wg-b] I fear that we may have no solutions.....

Based on my reading of the position papers so far, I fear that having WG-B 
come to *any* conclusion is in doubt.

Three of the five papers I've seen so far are of the form

"This is a problem. We won't be satisfied unless it's solved in the final 
proposal. Please give us a solution."

The most intense of those are the Time and Warner position papers.
The papers from me and Eileen Rony give suggested solutions, but not 
solutions that would satisfy Time and Warner.

However, that is a *really* bad starting point for a negotiation of 
something that could make sense to us all in the end, because it does *not* 
give us any example of a solution that would satisfy those interests.

In the debate on whether to go for any protection at all, the most common 
argument pair was "this is a possible remedy" - "that hurts too much".
Unless we have proposals on *what to do* when the position paper deadline 
passes, I am very afraid that we may end up without any acceptable solution.

And I don't find that outcome particularly acceptable either.

                            Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway