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[wg-b] WG-B timeline and current status????

I was looking through the WG-B archive today, looking for the group's
current status and plans.
The newest one I found in my archive was the enclosed one.

As today is Dec 5, I don't think we're quite on track.
In particular, I don't think we can call the comment period closed when
I still can't see a Website with the position papers we need to comment on.

Michael, care to give us a status update?

                       Harald A

At 00:23 11.11.99 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Now to Nov. 17th - a three week position statement period. We have consensus
>on mechanisms now we must put these mechanisms down on paper to look at the
>strengths and weaknesses.
>Nov. 17th to Dec 1st - a two week comment period.
>Dec 2nd through the 5th - Formulation of questionnaire/survey to identify
>points of consensus and point of contention.
>Dec 6th through the 10th - Voting on these issues
>Dec 11th through the 18th - Co-chairs prepare draft report for group
>Dec 19th through 26th - Comments on the draft report
>Dec 27th through Dec 31st -  Submission of Interim report to the Names

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway