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[wg-b] Filter agreement drafts from Red Cross/Olympic?

I was glancing through a report from the Los Angeles meeting, when the 
following sentence leaped out at me:

Palage ....... noted that there are filter protections that Olympic 
committees and the Red Cross have asked the registrars to voluntarily sign.

If someone has access to the text of these proposals, I think that would be 
valuable input to the group, on at least 2 counts:

- A concrete example of what would satisfy at least a few large IP 
stakeholders, unfiltered by
    the expectation of having to find consensus within a working group like 
- A concrete basis for evaluations on how these proposals would affect 
users' rights.

(Olympicair.com is IMHO a pirated domain, but not from the US Olympic 

                              Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway