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[wg-b] Working Group B Update

To date I have received the following position paper submissions:

Harald T. Alvestrand
The Fox Group
Warner Bros.
Eileen Kent

Thank you to the above individuals and organizations. These papers will be
posted on a "soon to be announced" Working Group B website. I encourage
everyone to read these papers and provide constructive comments on them.

In response to several requests for an extension of time, I believe it would
be prudent to grant such a request in that it will allow greater
participation in this process, especially to all the new participants that
have recently joined.

This extension will be granted until Dec 8th. Because of this three week
extension I will announce a revised schedule since the holiday season will
interfere with the drafting of an interim report. Moreover, the NC is
contemplating a Dec. 6th telephone conference. In this teleconference I have
requested that the issue of a NC liaison co-chair be addressed. The appoint
of this liaison is important because there has been a concerned raised by
several participants about the validity of the first round of voting, i.e.
should there be safeguards. I believe it would be in the best interest of
the consensus building process to discuss these concerns with the new

In preparation for the Groups Interim Report, I will need a one paragraph
bio on each participant to include in the report so that the NC and ICANN
Board can get a true picture as to the composition of the Working Group
membership. To keep traffic on the list to a minimum, could you please send
this bio to my e-mail directly (mpalage@infonetworks.com). It is my
intention, time permitting, to post these bios on the Working Group B web
page for all to review. Is there any volunteer that would like to help me in
this endeavor?

Thanks again for everyones participation.