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RE: [wg-b] Co-Chairs of WG-B

To my knowledge there has been no replacement of Jonathan as co-chair,
unless you knowing something that I do not :)

If you include Victoria, there are a total of three Names Counsel
representatives serving on Working Group B. So I assume any of those three
are capable of serving as the Names Counsel's liaison co-chair.  However, to
be perfectly honest I do not see how it impacts what the group has to do,
i.e. the preparation of position papers and an interim report. Is there some
concern that you have with me serving as sole co-chair for interim?


P.S. I have had several requests asking for additional time (one week) to
prepare position papers or comments to my list of questions, any comments?
How many people are planning to submit papers or comments?

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Mike and Victoria --

Since Victoria Carrington has replaced Jonathan on the NC, is she also
serving as co-chair on
WG-B to replace Jonathan?