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[wg-b] RE: (wg-b) Next Step - Timeline

     This sounds like a good approach.

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Subject: (wg-b) Next Step - Timeline
Author:  "Michael D. Palage" <SMTP:mpalage@infonetworks.com> at GCOHUB
Date:    10/26/99 2:16 PM

I shave spoken with the co-chairs of some of  the other working groups and I

propose the following time line of activity -pending feed back from the 
group of course :):
Now to Nov. 17th - a three week position statement period. We have consensus

on mechanisms now we must put these mechanisms down on paper to look at the 
strengths and weaknesses.
Nov. 17th to Dec 1st - a two week comment period.
Dec 2nd through the 5th - Formulation of questionnaire/survey to identify 
points of consensus and point of contention.
Dec 6th through the 10th - Voting on these issues
Dec 11th through the 18th - Co-chairs prepare draft report for group 
Dec 19th through 26th - Comments on the draft report
Dec 27th through Dec 31st -  Submission of Interim report to the Names 
January 1st Y2K brings an end to civilization as we know it and Working 
Group B's interim report become meaningless :) (Just kidding)
I understand that the end of the year target date is rather optimistic, but 
I believe it can be achieved with the continued dedication and enthusiasm 
shown to date.