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Re: [wg-b] Voting Update

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Mike -
  I appreciate your efforts to communicate the voting results to the
members of the group.  However, I ask you to keep in mind the following:

1)  Not everyone uses Windows, and a MIME-encoded Excel file is worthless
2)  Not everyone uses HTML-capable mail programs
3)  Not everyone appreciates the time and possible expense required to
    receive either of these files via e-mail, without warning.

While none of these are are of immediate concern to me, there are 
participants in ICANN that are impacted by all of the above, and would
ask that you either solicit a list of names of those who would like to
receive such mail, or would ask that you put these files up on a website.
For example, the DNSO website section for WG-B would be an appropriate
place for this.

When you had problems earlier this morning with the cut and paste from the
spreadsheet, I was tempted to suggest a simple list:

Name, affiliation, vote

...with totals at the end.  No formatting problems, conveys all the
information necessary, concise, and is in a format universally
acceptable (except perhaps that it's in English).

Please consider such a format in the future.


Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA