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[wg-b] Response to Mark Measday's concerns

Mischievous or disingenuous No,

Tired, exhausted, overworked YES.

The purpose of this first vote was NOT to cover the full range of
possibilities. It was intended to be a binary thumbs up or thumbs down vote
on the need for mechanisms in connection with Famous Trademarks and the
operation of the DNS. However, after the first straw vote and in response to
several comments by the participants I decided to add some additional
options to better delineate the thumbs-down viewpoint. The feedback, or lack
thereof, from the thumbs-up constituency was that Option A suited their
needs since the scope and nature of any mechanisms, if adopted, would be
expanded upon in later discussions. I respect your opinion that this ballot
is not all encompassing but it was never intended to be that. For better or
worse this is the ballot that will be used. I welcome your feedback on the
construction/formulation of future ballots but strongly recommend that I
receive your feedback prior to the commencement of the voting process. If
you check the list I believe you will find that I have posted a proposed
ballot twice over the past week or so. I respect that you may not agree with
my decision but I believe I am using my best judgement as co-chair.  If you
feel that this ballot is unacceptable I strongly encourage you to select
Option E. and provide a brief comment as to your viewpoint.