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[wg-b] TIME OUT

Just a friendly reminder from the co-chair to all participants. The purpose
of this list is to focus on what protection if any do famous trademarks need
to receive in connection with the DNS. I understand that many people have
concerns about the scope and accountability of ICANN, but that is not the
issue before US.

I STRONGLY request that any further discussions regarding the scope of
ICANN's authority or lack thereof as a regulatory body be submitted to the
appropriate list or between the individual themselves. To date everyone has
gotten along rather amicably considering the rather diverse viewpoints
shared by the participants and I think we need to get back on track with the
business before us.

Now that I have completed the Registrar Name Counsel elections, I now turn
my attention back to Working Group B and question 0. There were several
comments about the lack of the formation of question 0 in the straw vote. I
welcome all comments on formulating this question for the first formal vote
that will be taking place this week.

Thanks for everyone's attention and participation.