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[wg-b] ICANN's Mandate

Hi Esther and Mike:

Quotes of yours were posted to the Working Group B (famous marks) list in
support of a general argument against ICANN involving itself in the UDRP
and other areas relating to trademark protection:

"Our charter is essentially technical and limited to a very focused area."
>......... Esther Dyson, Interim Chair, ICANN, October 4, 1999 (quote in

>"ICANN has neither the authority nor the resources to be a consumer
>agency, and in any event there are existing protections for abuses ... such
>better business bureaus, trade commissions, etc in most of the countries in
>which domain name activity is present."
> ......... Mike Roberts, Interim President/CEO, ICANN, October 5, 1999

A discussion is now on-going as to "what you meant."

Could you please provide the context of your quote to the Working Group,
but more importantly, briefly state your views as to ICANN's role regarding
the UDRP and the protection of trademarks.  

Marty Schwimmer

P.S. Nice dancing hamsters, Esther.

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