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RE: [wg-b] technical charter, no broader authority

That's the trouble with snippets and sound bites. They are frequently taken
out of context.  I don't think Dyson's or Roberts' views on these subjects
can be expressed in 25 words or less. Catchy, yes. Substantive, no.

At 12:42 PM 10/8/99 -0400, Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:
>I must be missing something. I took Mike's comments to be about dealing with
>consumer fraud, and would strongly support his statement. What am I missing
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>"Our charter is essentially technical and limited to a very focused area."
>......... Esther Dyson, Interim Chair, ICANN, October 4, 1999 (quote in
>"ICANN has neither the authority nor the resources to be a consumer
>agency, and in any event there are existing protections for abuses ... such
>better business bureaus, trade commissions, etc in most of the countries in
>which domain name activity is present."
> ......... Mike Roberts, Interim President/CEO, ICANN, October 5, 1999
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