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Re: [wg-b] Re: WIPO as an argument for famous marks protection

At 10:23 07.10.99 -0400, Martin B. Schwimmer wrote:
> >
> >My impression of the WIPO process was NOT that it was strongly in favour of
> >implementing extra protection for famous marks.
> >Rather, the impression I got was that:
> >
> >a) NONE of the group of non-WIPO experts really favoured famous mark
> >    protection.
>What was Fred Mostert's position?  He was on the panel of experts.  He is
>an employee of Richemont, not WIPO.
He didn't say much, as far as I remember.
He's not the most assertive person I know; also I think that Geert Glas was 
the one present at the final Geneva meeting.

BTW, he's listed in his INTA position in the list of experts, just as I was 
listed by my IETF position at the time, not my employment at EDB Maxware.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway