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RE: [wg-b] RE: Arbitration (RE: (wg-b) food for thought)

> On the other hand, are you saying that there isn't a need to protect famous
> marks? that we don't care about consumers and their reliance on brands, such
> as Verio, who you work for, or AT&T, who I work for?

i am not a legal expert by far.  but i have been given to understand that it
is not at all clear that there is currently global legal protection for
magic names.  wipo seems to be recommending that there should be.  and icann
is deciding if there should and if icann should be the body making such

and, fyi, there is a verio matress company in denver, our company hq town,
and we don't give a <bleep>.  anyone who buys a verio mattress and thinks
they're getting a web site is probably a customer who will cost us more in
support then we'll ever make off them. :-)