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Re: [wg-b] RE: (wg-b) Issues to Consider

Eileen, most of my clients own trademarks and/or functioning vanity numbers that
require protection in various scenarios, so I'm accustomed to navigating the

However, although I've literally just joined this list, I'm disturbed by the
vast discrepancies in positions taken depending which foot the shoe is on (per
my last post, "food for thought" ...)


eileen kent wrote:

> Why I believe in giving special considerations to famous names:
> 1) Fairness--or unfairness really. A famous name gets to be famous for a
> variety of reasons. It flies in the face of hard work and history to allow
> people to take advantage of someone else's name.
> 2) Consumers should be protected from fraud. It's good for the internet.
> My opinions have been influenced by these discussions. It's been a good
> experience.
> eileen

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